Add contents to the website.

When you move the cursorover the page, the individual sections are highlighted and a smalltool bar appears on the upper border of the respective content.A page consists of any number of contents (sections)that are arranged one below the other. Eachsection has its own small tool bar. With thisbar, you can create new sections (plus sign), edit sections (pen),delete sections (red cross) and move sections up and down (arrow).A new section always appears precisely under thesection whose tool bar you have just used. Pleaseobserve the following: There must be at leastone section on a page. Therefore,you cannot delete the section if it is the only section.

Renaming, adding, and deleting pages.

With the symbol “Page Manager” you can rename the existing pages, add new pages, anddo much more. Pages must be entered in thenavigation so that they can be searched for. Clickon the “Page Manager” symbol and select a page in the dialog. You can then edit the selected page throughdifferent options. With the arrows, move thepage up or down, or indent the page in order to create a subpage outof it. With the symbol for editing, you canrename the page, adjust visual settings, link the page and do muchmore. With the two green plus-sign symbols, youcan create a new page, which appears directly under the selectedpage, or copy the selected page along with its contents. Notethat you cannot delete any page (the symbol with the red crossindicates this) that has subpages. You mustfirst delete or move all subpages.

We hope these initialinstructions help you to create your website with page4.Simply start implementing your ideas. Pleasenote that all contents on the Internet are visible, so carefullyconsider which private information you really want to publish.Protect private contents by providing the page(s) witha password.